Welcome to Southern Phone   


Welcome to Southern Phone

We are very excited to be your service provider and promise to provide you with the customer service experience that you expect and deserve. Southern Phone is a community company at heart and we operate to maximise benefits to the community.  Southern Phone only pursues profits to the extent they are required for company sustainability, service expansion and a return to shareholding Councils.  All our staff are located in Australia, we don’t use overseas call centres.

What happens next?

As the result of a sale between Southern Phone and amaysim, your service will be transferred to Southern Phone and you will remain on the same plan and price. There will be no change to your service or your equipment.

Southern Phone have established a dedicated team to ensure you have a smooth transition. As a Southern Phone customer, we just want to let you know that your Direct Debit set-up to pay your bills will carry over to Southern Phone – (there is no need to update these payment details). 

Something for you from us

We would like to thank you for staying with us through the transfer and as such we will automatically discount your first and fourth month by 50%! We are also working on other special benefits which we will share soon after your transfer.


1. Will this move change impact my service or speed?
All areas of your service will remain much the same, and you certainly shouldn’t notice any downtime or reduction in internet speed. If you do think your service has been impacted in some way, diagnosing and fixing that problem will be our priority. 

2. How do I contact Customer Service?
Just like amaysim, Southern Phone offer customer service via both livechat and phone. To livechat with one of our customer service agents, click ‘Chat Now’ in the top-right corner of our website, or call 1800 828 597 to speak with them over the phone. Whichever way you choose to reach us, try to have your account number handy.

3. Will my direct debit still happen at the same time every month?
In becoming a Southern Phone customer, your billing experience will stay fundamentally the same. Your pre-paid plan fee will continue to be debited from your nominated credit card and will continue to be charged on the same day of the month that it has been since your service started.

For more information please visit our help centre.

Any feedback?

We are committed to putting you and your experience first so if you have any feedback on how we can improve we would love to hear from you. Leave us feedback.





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