Pay $65 per month for unlimited talk & text credit + 3GB data + Data Boost

  • Unlimited** calls, voicemail, SMS and MMS plus 3GB mobile data. Once the mobile data credit is used, normal charges apply.
  • **Calls and texts to premium numbers, international calls and roaming, international SMS and MMS, directory assistance, mobile commerce transactions and satellite calls are not included in unlimited talk & text credit. Fair use policy applies to Unlimited Calls. click here
  • Excess data is $10 for 1GB (up to an additional 3GB per month) and then 5 cents per MB with a minimum charge of 25 cents
  • For international call rates click here
  • *Data Boost: If you use more than your included data during your billing month we'll automatically boost your limit by another 1GB for $10. Each time you use all of your data inclusion we'll give you another 1GB for $10 up to a maximum of 3GB additional data per month. Your service may then be restricted. Extra data will expire at the end of the your billing month. At the end of your billing month you’ll automatically be moved back to your plan’s original inclusions and charges.

If you accept a contract the minimum cost over 24 months is $1560

For more information about Mobile Plans Call us on 1800 238 390