Change My Data Allowance

If you are an existing Southern Phone ADSL Broadband customer and you'd like to stay on the same speed but increase your monthly data allowance, just fill in the details, select the plan, and we'll make the change.

You may change the data allowance for your plan once per month for free as long as the line speed is unchanged.

Select New Data Allowance

Data Allowance Monthly Fee

Your Details


Minimum Total Cost over 24 months

Plan Monthly Fee Total Min Cost 24 Months Cost of 1MB data
100GB $49.95 $1273 $0.0006
150GB $59.95 $1513 $0.0005
250GB $69.95 $1753 $0.0003
500GB $79.95 $1993 $0.0002
1000GB $89.95 $2233 $0.0001

Data Downloads and Speeds

Plans speeds are shown in downstream/upstream format and speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment.

Speed is reduced to 64k/64k for the remainder of the billing period once the monthly allowance is reached. Data downloads and uploads are counted.

The renewal day for your monthly data quota is the first day of the month.

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