Your Bill Simplified

Issue Date

This is the date on which your current bill was issued.

Total Due

This is the amount you are required to pay and the date the payment is due shown right below.

Summary of your current and previous charges

This includes your previous account balance, any debits or amounts you paid towards your previous balance, and your new or current charges. Your current charges are those which incurred during the billing period.

Account Summary.

Here you will find a basic breakdown of your current charges, which lists each of the services you have with Southern Phone, and the balance owing for each of them. You will also see that your total includes the GST, and that the amount of that GST is listed below for your convenience.

For easy reference, your Southern Phone account number can be found directly next to the account summary, on the right side of the page.

Payment Methods

At the bottom of page one is a section containing the details you’ll need to make a payment. You can Pay your bill automatically by Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card. If you haven’t already registered for Direct Debit Call 13 14 64 to set it up.

You can also pay easily via BPAY. You’ll see the biller code and reference right there to help you out. The web address for BPAY is also printed on your bill.

Breakdown of services

In this bill, we see Fixed Line Services, Internet Services, and Mobile Services. These are listed individually, and your plan details are listed in the upper right corner of each service breakdown. These are further broken down to show the specific charges within each service. For fixed line and mobile, this shows items such as:

Together, these are listed as your Service Charges.

Call and Data Credits

If you have call or data credits on your account, these are shown as subtractions.

Your Total

The Total for this Service lists the payable amount for that service.

Billing Period

The final page of the bill lists your Plan Fee with a start date and an end date.

Pro Rata

On your first bill of a new service, you may see two Plan Fees. The smaller plan fee shown is a partial month, or pro rata plan fee. This once-off fee covers the period from the first day the service was active through to start of your billing cycle.


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