Updated 3 years ago

Arrangements made as a result of financial hardship

The fundamental principle of any agreed financial arrangement is that repayments be sufficient to cover expected future use of the service as well as providing a continued reduction of debt.

Southern Phone imposes no charge on customers for the implementation of a financial arrangement. In reaching an arrangement a customer may be required to:

  • Acknowledge the debt and the obligation to repay the debt
  • Provide sufficient information for both parties to ascertain what is a reasonable payment arrangement
  • Indicate a willingness to reducing usage to a level that they are able to pay and take up relevant service options to that end
  • Make repayments as agreed
  • Use appropriate products, services and access levels, as negotiated with Southern Phone
  • If any further financial difficulty is experienced, immediately notify Southern Phone so that the arrangement can be reviewed.
  • In reaching an agreement Southern Phone will:
  • Ensure that none of a customer
  • Confirm that the customer is the person who is legally liable to pay the debt
  • Refrain from credit management action whilst financial hardship arrangements are being discussed unless credit management action appears to be reasonable in the circumstances
  • Explain rights and obligations under the terms of the payment arrangement
  • Explain service limitations if service limitations are part of the arrangement
  • Require assurance that the arrangement will be one that the customer can meet
  • Monitor customer compliance with the financial hardship arrangement
  • Not vary the terms of the arrangement if the customer is meeting those term

If an agreed arrangement is not kept, Southern Phone will:

  • Take reasonable steps to contact the customer or nominated financial counsellor (if applicable) before taking further credit management action.