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Fixed Phone
Phone Features 3-Way Chat - Activating 3-Way Chat - Features and Benefits3-Way Chat - How to use 3-Way Chat - What is it?Abbreviated Dialling - What is it?Call Back - How much does it cost?Call Back - How to useCall Back - TroubleshootingCall Back - What is it?Call Back Busy - How to cancelCall Back Busy - How to useCall Back Busy - What is it?Call Barring - How does it work?Call Barring - How much does it cost?Call Barring - What options are available?Call Control - ActivatingCall Control - CostCall Control - How to useCall Control - What is it?Call Forward - How much does it cost?Call Forward - How to useCall Forward - What is it?Call Return - How much does it cost?Call Return - How to useCall Return - TroubleshootingCall Return - What is it?Call Waiting - ActivatingCall Waiting - Troubleshooting this ServiceCall Waiting - What is it?Calling Number Display - How much does it cost?Calling Number Display - What is it?Delayed Hotline - ActivatingDelayed Hotline - How to useDelayed Hotline - What is it?Duet Phone and Fax Multiple Number - What is it?Line Blocking - ActivatingLine Blocking - How to useLine Blocking - What is it?Line Hunt - How much does it cost?Line Hunt - Is it available?Line Hunt - What is it?MessageBank - Can I get it?MessageBank - Changing the number of rings before it answersMessageBank - How do I set it up?MessageBank - How much does it cost?MessageBank - How to set it upMessageBank - What is it?MessageBank Away - How much does it cost?MessageBank Away - What is it?MessageBank Virtual - How much does it cost?MessageBank Virtual - What is it?Multiple Number - How much does it cost?Multiple Number - What is it?Order NowPriority Assistance - What is it?Remote Access - How much does it cost?Remote Access - What is it?Remote Access - Where is it available?Silent Number - ActivatingSilent Number - What is it?Smart Ring - What is it?
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NBN Common QuestionsAm I able to call Premium Services on the nbn™ network?Am I able to get Message Bank on the nbn™ network?Can I choose where the nbn™ equipment is installed in my premises?Can I get a modem/router from Southern Phone?Can I keep my existing telephone number when I switch to nbn™?Can weather affect my installation?Do I need to have a home phone line for nbn™?Do I need to switch to nbn™?Does someone need to present for installation?First bill – What are pro-rata charges?First bill – Why am I charged a month in advanceHow do I connect to nbn™?How long will it take to connect my home phone to nbn™?How long will it take to connect to nbn™?I have existing internet services. How does switching to the nbn™ network affect me?I’m renting – What do I need to do to get connected to nbn™?What equipment do I need for installation?What happens if I am not available for the nbn™ installation appointment?What happens on installation day?What happens to my services when the copper network gets disconnected?What information do I need to provide when I place my nbn™ order?What is nbn™?What is the Battery Backup Power Supply Unit?What should I do if I need to change or cancel my nbn™ order?When can I connect to nbn™?Will my current modem/router be compatible with nbn™ broadband?Will my home phone still work when I switch to nbn™?Will my medical alarm, security alarm, EFTPOS machines or fax work on the nbn™ network?Will there be any disruption to my current services during the nbn™ installation process?
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