Moving houses can often be a stressful experience. With so much to consider before the moving trucks even arrive, use this guide to make the experience of moving to a new house as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Hire A Removalist
House move service providers can book up quite quickly, so it is important to get in as soon as your exit date is confirmed. Ask for recommendations where possible and source multiple quotes for removalists before making your booking.

Some removalists specialise in certain types of moves, such as long-distance, apartment/units, fragile goods etc, therefore, consider your situation and confirm that the service provider can get you from A to B in the most practical way.

Organise Cleaning

If you are exiting a rental property, a comprehensive clean is usually required as part of the handover process. This ensures that the new occupants will be met with a clean and fresh property that they can make their new home. In this case, it is often easier to arrange for a service provider suggested by your landlord or property management rather than doing it yourself. This ensures that the property will be cleaned to satisfaction and guarantees responsibility to the cleaner for any substandard work.

Disconnect Utilities at Your Old Address
Let your utility provider(s) know that you are planning to move to a new home on a specific date. They will usually arrange to disconnect your utilities - gas, water, electricity and internet - and conduct a final read of the meter for the last bill. Failure/forgetting to do so may result in any additional unauthorised usage being charged directly to you. If you have organised for a bond clean after vacating the property, it is recommended that you organise to have the utilities disconnected after they have been through the property. Take care of any outstanding rate charges as well to prevent the accrual of late fees on your account.

Connect Utilities at New Address
While disconnecting from the old address, use the opportunity to also connect utilities at your new house, such as;

● Internet/Broadband
Pay TV

If you’re with us and moving houses, you can organise a relocation through our online portal here. Or, if you’re looking to set up a new internet connection choose from our range of nbn™ & Home Phone plans or request a callback from our friendly sales team here, and we'll find you the best plan for your needs.

Change Address

Remembering to change your address seems like an obvious inclusion for a moving house checklist, but more than likely it can slip through when overwhelmed with other tasks. Redirecting your mail when moving houses is a simple process that can often be completed either online or in-person with Australia Post. With your permission, selected providers such as insurance companies, utility providers and government departments can also be notified of your change in address. In addition, update any recurring subscriptions and outstanding deliveries to make sure it all gets to you.

Declutter items
Before you start packing, go through your property and consolidate any old items that you haven’t used in a while. Generally, these don’t need to move to a new house with you and will also save time when packing. Once you have gone through and decluttered these items, start the packing process by boxing up any infrequently used items. You can often buy cardboard storage boxes from either your removalist or storage facilities or just by asking local shops for any supplies.

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