Is there any place that better embodies the beauty of the Sapphire Coast than Tathra?

We think not.

In the local Yuin Aboriginal language, the meaning of the name ‘Tathra’ remains unclear. According to some sources, the word simply means: "beautiful country". If so, that name is spot on.

Why not make plans to spend some time in this beautiful country soon? For the ideal Autumn getaway, here are 7 great reasons you should head to Tathra.


1. Unparalleled national park.

Nature is resplendent along the Sapphire Coast. Some say Australia is at its best here. Whether or not that’s true, you’ll have to see it to decide for yourself!

Tathra is in a top location nestled amongst several national parks. Bournda National Park lies 10km south of Tathra. Beach lovers will enjoy this park, with its pristine beaches. Hobart Beach is one of the most well known and beloved, and if you’re keen on camping, this is a prime spot. Wallagoot Lake and Bournda Lagoon are popular for swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

Mimosa Rocks National Park to the north is a hideaway of secret lagoons and rich birdlife. Stroll the walking tracks to the lagoons for an afternoon of swimming, paddling, and birdwatching.


2. Tathra is home to an historic wharf.

Built in the 1800s, the Tathra Steamer Wharf is one of the region’s most inviting attractions, and a piece of history. It is the only remaining original coastal steamer wharf in New South Wales. From the wharf, you can enjoy lovely views out over the water. (In whale watching season, this is a good spot to see the humpbacks on the move). Be sure to pay a visit to the local wharf cafe for lunch or a snack.


3. It’s a paradise for wildlife---and wildlife lovers.

Speaking of whales, they are just one of the hundreds of species of wildlife to be found in the region. The national parks generally provide a strong chance of sighting wildlife, particularly birds such as cormorants, lorikeets, and silver gulls. Land-based creatures you might see include koalas, swamp wallabies, kangaroos, and ringtail possums. The quieter season of late autumn may increase your chances of observing some of these species, too. Definitely a great reason to book a holiday in Tathra soon.


4. Tathra = Outdoor activities and water sports.

If you love the outdoors, you’re going to love Tathra. Active travellers will find that the region provides nonstop opportunities to fish, swim, sail, bike, windsurf, canoe, kayak, walk, hike, and explore.

Serious cyclists will want to check out the Bundadung Mountain Biking Network, a challenging set of trails winding through the bush. There are trails and paths elsewhere that will suit cyclists of all levels. You can hire bikes from Tathra Beach and Bike to get equipped and be on your way.

Mogareeka Inlet is a nice place for fishing, kayaking, and swimming. With its calm waters and children’s playground, it’s a top spot for families visiting Tathra.

There are also plenty of beaches where you can try your skills at watersports. Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is very popular these days. Perhaps you’ll give it a go in Tathra?


5. You can bring your canine companion.

Want to go on holiday, but don’t want to leave the family dog behind? You may not have to. There are a few dog-friendly locations in Tathra that make travelling with your canine mate easy and enjoyable. Bring your dog for a walk or cycle along the paved pathway between Tathra and Mogareeka, or visit Tathra Beach, which is dog-friendly. Your pal will love romping through the sand and splashing in the waves alongside you and your family.


6. You’ll find amazing views on the numerous bush walks and hikes.

Those who come to Tathra often do so because they are attracted to its superb natural beauty. There are countless ways to enjoy this beauty, but a simple walk is often the best option.

In Mimosa Rocks National Park, the landscape varies widely and dramatically. This makes for some incredible scenery. A few of the recommended walks in Mimosa Rocks include Middle Lagoon Walking Track, Nelson Bay Sand Dunes, Mimosa Rocks Walking Track, and Moon Bay Walking Track.

In Bournda National Park, consider the 9 km Kangarutha Walking Track which takes you along the rugged coastline. Another possibility that you will bring you to key spots such as Bournda Lagoon is the Sandy Creek Loop Track.

During your walk, keep your eyes open for local wildlife. Amazing animals and lovely views, what more do you need?


7. There are lots of accommodation options in the region, especially caravan parks.

In Tathra and in the surrounding areas are a number of choices for hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, or other accommodation options. This makes Tathra lovely for travellers of all kinds, from couples looking to relax in a quaint B&B to families searching for a fun caravan park. And as for caravan parks, they are abundant in Tathra and surrounds.

For families with children, caravan parks are an excellent choice. They are spacious and well-equipped, often including amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and outdoor BBQ areas. Your kids will have a great holiday in Tathra in this type of accommodation. All you need to do is pack up the caravan and come on over!

We hope you’ll get to experience Tathra soon!

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