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NBN Coverage

1. CONFIRM the NBN is available at your address. We can connect you by fibre and wireless.

NBN Coverage Map Questions? NBN Explained Here

2. CHOOSE a plan depending on how much data you need:

Home Phone & Internet Bundle Internet Only Plan Bundled Total Min Cost 24 Months Unbundled Total Min Cost 24 Months Cost of 1MB data

$79.95Min 24 month cost: $1993

$49.95Min 24 month cost: $1273





$89.95Min 24 month cost: $2233

$59.95Min 24 month cost: $1513





$99.95Min 24 month cost: $2473

$69.95Min 24 month cost: $1753





$119.95Min 24 month cost: $2953

$89.95Min 24 month cost: $2233





Critical Information Summary

3. BUNDLE your Home Phone for only $30 extra a month and receive FREE Local and FREE National calls. (The phone bundle is only available on fibre connections)

4. CALL us on 1800 238 390 and our friendly Australian team will sort everything else out for you!

The Internet speed is 12/1 Mbps. Wireless Plans are limited to the 100GB and 150GB plans. Some NBN locations may not be serviced by Southern Phone.

Your phone service bundle includes unlimited local and national calls at no charge. Calls to mobiles are 37 cents per minute. A 39 cent connection charge applies to calls to mobiles and international calls. For International Call Rates click here. In most cases you can keep your phone number.

Boost your Internet speed for an extra $10 a month

Step up from the 12/1 Mbps speed to 25/5Mbps for just extra $10 a month.
You can move up to 50/20 for an extra $20 a month or 100/40Mbps for an extra $30 a month. (50 and 100Mbps speeds only available on fibre connections). A charge of $35 applies.

Wi-Fi Modem

When you join on a 24 month contract you will receive a D-Link Modem for no extra charge. Delivery fee $14.95.

Activation Fee

The standard activation fee is $59. There is no activation fee if you already have an ADSL Broadband service with Southern Phone.

Phone Charges

Data Downloads

Plans speeds are shown in downstream/upstream format and speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment. Speed is reduced to 64k/64k for the remainder of the billing period once the monthly allowance is reached. Data downloads and uploads are counted.

The renewal day for your monthly data download quota is the first day of the month. There are no excess data charges.

Contract Terms

Cancellation fees All plans have a 24 month contract. The contract cancellation fee is $12.50 x the months remaining on your 24 contract term.

Free Plan Changes You may change your plan once per month without charge but you cannot move below the plan you originally purchased.

Phone service information Customer Service Guarantees (CSG) on NBN Services: Southern Phone does not provide CSG or Priority Assistance and the customer must waive in whole your Customer Service Guarantee Rights under Part 5 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 which can be found on the Australian Communications and Media Authority website (www.acma.gov.au).

Priority Assistance and Medical services: The product must not be relied upon for priority assistance, critical medical services, emergency calling or similar services. Accordingly, if the customer uses it for such purposes, it is at their own risk.

Battery Backup The Customer is responsible for replacing batteries in the battery backup unit as per specification provided by NBNCo. Southern Phone will pass through all alarms it receives from NBNCo to the Customer. If the battery is not replaced then Southern Phone takes no responsibility for the loss of service during power failure.

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