This is Southern Phone, this is what we believe in

Wide blue skies, eucalypts and the racket of birds mean we're home.
Our team winning, cheeky kids with freckles and full water tanks make us smile.
We're people who believe regional Australia is absolutely, without doubt, the best place you can live on this earth.

We're for regional people because we are regional people too.

We believe you look people in the eye, offer a firm handshake and keep your word.

We believe knowing you by your first name is a good thing and remembering you from the last time you called shouldn't be rare.

We believe it's not old fashioned to make the time to give personal service.

And because any profit we make comes from regional Australia we believe it's only fair we pay every cent of our dividends straight back to regional communities to help build playgrounds, halls or whatever they choose.

We believe communications are important in a country this big.

We believe a phone call, text or email is not just a convenience because they can carry the laughter or tears that make the memories we treasure.

We believe talk is precious, that everyone has a story to tell and it is a privilege to be trusted to help carry those messages.

Team Photo - Southern Phone

Who are we?

Southern Phone is the second largest provider of fixed line services and the fourth largest mobile phone provider in regional Australia (Research by Review Partners 2013).

Southern Phone was formed in 2002 to deliver more affordable telecommunications services to regional communities and now serves a national customer base, from Cape York to Zeehan in Tasmania, from Bega to Broome.

The company was funded by the Federal Government using money raised from the sale of Telstra to improve telecommunications services in regional Australia. That seed funding finished in 2004 and since then we have operated successfully and profitably, with all profits returned to the community.

Shares in the Southern Phone Company can only be held by Local Councils. This is the way we return profits to regional Australia.

Why is Southern Phone needed?

The cost of telecommunications in regional Australia has long been a source of concern and discussion.

The lack of competition in regional areas has meant prices and other aspects of service delivery have not met the expectations of the community to the extent realised in metropolitan areas.

The Local Councils behind the development of Southern Phone realised that while generally good services are available, it would only be the introduction of competition in many smaller centres that would deliver lower pricing and other service improvements.

Southern Phone values

Southern Phone operates to maximise benefits to the community. It reflects the values, ethics and style of the people living in the regional Australia and presents those to our customers.

Southern Phone only pursues profits to the extent they are required for company sustainability, service expansion and a return to shareholding councils. Otherwise prices are maintained at the lowest possible level to ensure maximum community benefit.

Who owns Southern Phone?

Southern Phone is an unlisted Public Company and only Local Councils can be shareholders. This means all profits are returned to the community through the Local Councils. No individuals may own shares in the Company.

Benefits are channeled to the community by the maintenance of low cost services and the delivery of all dividends to shareholding councils on behalf of their communities.

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Southern Phone Board of Directors

A Board of Directors manages the operations of the company. The Board is accountable to the shareholders through the Annual General Meeting and through General Meetings that may occasionally be called under the terms of the Company Constitution.

The Directors of Southern Phone are:

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